AU Meme → It’s John that goes into the nursery the night of the fire. Mary survives, but it isn’t a happy story. 

AU Meme → Star Trek AU, Enterprise bridge crew as thieves

In which recently paroled ex-con Christopher Pike brings together a group of extraordinary individuals to create the perfect heist crew.

I’m drunk

in my defense: Alice vs Hannibal (and by connection, Alice vs Will) is my dream of dreams (along with like, Alice vs Moriarty and like, Luther vs Sherlock but I’m getting ahead of myself)

AU Meme → Avengers AU, "We Stand Alone Together"

AU Meme → In the ETO, Rogers meets a war weary paratrooper
(or, all the feels for Rogers before he saves Bucky and Winters aka the best men ever)

"I’ve seen my friends—my men—being killed, Captain. You will lose men in battle and you will lose friends, there is no avoiding it. The only thing you can do is anticipate the problems and prepare to overcome them."

"How can you possibly prepare for everything that could happen? That could go wrong?"

"As a leader, you don’t have the luxury of time. You can’t wait until you’re at the top of the ridge to decide what to do. Somehow you’ve got to do your best, son. There’s no secret to being a leader, you’ve just got to hang tough."