#i hate to see him leave but i love to watch him go


captain adorable

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the avengers |  west wing au
President Phillip Coulson is just trying to run a country.  His Chief of Staff, Steven Rogers, sets aside one day a year for normally unheard lobbyists to pitch their ideas, which Deputy Chief of Staff Tony Stark names “Crackpot Day.”  Tony’s assistant, Pepper Potts, is just trying to make sure he doesn’t go crazy on lack of sleep or starve.  Bruce Banner and Clint Barton run the Communications department but are terrible at communicating with Press Secretary Natasha Romanoff, much to her chagrin and Thor Odinson is just watching in amusement as Personal Aide to the President.



remember that time when maria hill avoided being shot by the greatest marksman in the world???

because i sure as fuck do

I hope she was thinking “wow if that’s how Hawkeye shoots a gun how does he ever hit anything with a bow”

Because that’s terrible form dude