I swear if they hurt a hair on Richard’s head I will just

do you all hear the cries of the summer children now that the wedding is over

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the best quote of this season so far: “He’s Iwo Jima and I’m planting the flag on his head.”

Request by @darthhomme → We’re all sent here to kill Japs, weren’t we? So what the hell difference does it make what weapon we use? I’d use my goddamn hands if I had to.

We laughed and cried and felt pain and hunger together. We grew to know fear together as no man should ever have to. We communed with Death on an hourly basis. The things we saw, and the things we were forced to do, have given each of us a lifetime of nightmares and guilt. In the end, we can only hope that we are as strong when we stand apart as we were once together.